Sunday 29Sep2013

We have found Atlantis! While Classicists debate how much damage Atlantis has done to Greek myths in an hour, the “hero” Jason fills the post-Strictly hole in the BBC timetable. In this round up look back at the news of the week that was, beyond and within the Pilars of Hercules.


You can read one of the review to Atlantis here: with spoilers ( and without spoilers ( Also Pop Classics blog ( ). You can see the episode on iPlayer here: . My Facebook and Twitter feeds seem to fill with comments of myth twisted and the randomness of it all…

… so if you prefer to read about the real Atlantis, read Bettany Hughes’ article”Atlantis: secrets of the real lost city” <Daily Telegraph> .

Allegedly we have recreated the sound of Proto-Indo European (PIE) language. “Is This How Our Ancestors Sounded? Linguist Recreates Proto-Indo-European Language (AUDIO)” Huffington Post: 

When do we know if a piece is fake or real? “The Cleveland Museum of Art wades into global controversy over antiquities collecting with exhibition and catalog on ancient bronze Apollo” Sun News 

The ancient site of Nemea is under threat from government cuts amid Greek austerity. “Potential lay-offs at Nemea spark response from head archaeologist” <ekathimerini> “Ancient Greek site threatened amid celebration” #Nemea <San Jose Mercury News> 

There’s a neat piece on the history of Gilbraltar, in Spanish: 

Our post on “Latin to English is not dumbing down“. 

We need your help. Departmental Closure threat at University College Cork: 

A report from the “Greek Literary Epigram conference at UCL” 



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