Sunday 20Oct2013

The Cambridge Greek Play double bill of Prometheus and The Frogs seemed well received on our Twitter feed – it certainly attracted more positive opinions than Atlantis and Hercules: The Legend Begins.

Sunday 20Oct2013

The Cambridge Greek Play – Prometheus and The Frogs is now ended but you can read a review of the play in the  Cambridge News: 

The trailer has been released for the film Hercules: The Legend Begins, which sees Twilight star Kellan Lutz “going Gladiator.” Metro 

A new exhibition on Augustus to celebrate the 2000th anniversary of his death has opened in Rome.  ANSA English: 

The East Oxford Classics Community Centre is to officially open this Thursday. Oxford Mail 

“Highest-Paid Athlete Hails From Ancient Rome” and the sums of modern footballers just do not comapare. Italy Magazine 

“Imperial Temple in Stratonikeia ancient city being restored” <Hurriyet> 

A really interesting article in Spanisg on “Property speculation in Ancient Rome”. Anatomía de la Historia: 


Review: of Holland’s translation. “The father of history: Translating Herodotus” <Economist> 

Revew: “‘Confronting the Classics: Traditions, Adventures and Innovations,’ by Mary Beard” <The Washington Post> 


Some very interesting blogs were published this week, and we have listed them all below:

Read: “Sarah Bond: The Power to Divorce in Antiquity” Dorothy King’s PhDiva: 

Read: “Herodotus, the father of history or blogging?” Love of History blog: 

Read: “An Ode for the Road” Horatius, vademecum! Excellent by Llewelyn Morgan. Lugubelinus blog: 

Read: “Westcountry provincial exhibtion” Our Sol Day weekly blog post from last week, on Roman exhibitions. 

Read: “The Man Who Never Was?” Neville Morley on Boudicca, Jesus and other pseudo-existential crises. Sphinx blog: 

Read: “What is it with these guys?” Interesting view on Cartledge’s narrow world view. Squinches blog: 


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