Sunday 27Oct 2013

Garum seems to be the flavour of the week – although I am sure there have been many items on garum being reproduced or rediscovered as eastern fish sauces. In other news, two Gauls have landed a new book based in Scotland.

Sunday 27Oct2013

“Asterix embarks on first adventure in eight years with new artists” Guardian , and you can see a preview here: Guardian 

“Fish Sauce: An Ancient Roman Condiment Rises Again” NPR – the salt: 

Armand D’Angour reports on his research in this great article: “How did ancient Greek music sound?” BBC News: 

“Meet Caesar, man of letters, says Stanford’s Christopher Krebs.” The article argues for the literary merit of Caesar’s work. Stanford News: 

“Mysterious Roman child’s coffin unearthed in field near Tamworth” Tamworth Herald 

“Nail down the tongue’: Ancient magician’s curse found in Jerusalem” NBC News: 

“The Palace of Circe Found in Preveza?” Greek Reporter: 

“Historian discovers in a 5th century poem the first description of Galicia” The article is in Spanish. It writes about how the first text that describes Galicia has been found. La Opinión A Coruña: 

“A Sicily Trip Isn’t Complete Without Visiting Agrigento” Contains great photos. Huffington Post: 

“The Wrong Way for Pompeii by Ingrid D. Rowland” The article summarises the recent events in Pompeii in terms of its preservation. The New York Review of Books blog: 

We reported earlier this week that “Grammars will axe classics to cope with cuts, says head” The Times (paywall):  and you can read our summary of the article under “Classics under threat at grammar school” Classics Collective: The Times was the only media agency that picked up on it, so I thought we might reassure people by saying that it may have been a bit scaremongering.

But fear not! “Good news for Classics” says Mary Beard (A Don’s Life: ) as “It’s classics for all as free public centre is launched” Oxford Mail: . We wish East Oxford Community Classics Centre well in their mission to spread Classics, Greek and Latin.

In the article “The Iliad or the Odyssey? Some Answers from Plato to Google Trends”, it tries to answer the age-old question with some period evidence and modern statistics. Where Old Meets New blog: 

Edith Hall blogged on “Why Peter Cook and Diodorus agree about mining.” The Edithorial: 

*The post was edited at 5:10pm on the day of publishing. A correction was made to correct the description of an author, and we do apologise for such errors.


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