Sunday 03Nov2013

Eagle dominates Classical news networks in the week where a sizeable ornament was revealed. It was discovered mid-October at the Minories building site just outside Aldgate of the City of London and by the very last days of the month, it is being displayed in the Museum of London.

Sunday 03Nov2013

“Bird is the word” Museum of London Archaeology’s Walbrook Discovery Programme proclaimed: . There was also a snake, which is being eaten by the eagle. We summarised the story and put a (very long) list of articles from which you can revisit the story: “The Eagle of the City”: . Or if you need the information in Spanish, try  Clásicos UR: “Escultura de águila romana hallada en el centro de Londres”: . A comment piece can be found in the “Nonne delectamini?” blog: 

Such a news might have driven film makers to start shooting films called “The Eagle” But since the title has already been taken we have “Mark Wahlberg Producing The Roman” New film, and “It’s Julius Caesar: The Early Years”: Empire 

“Turkey: Italians discover Gate to Hell, with Cerberus guarding” but it didn’t generate as much excitement. ANSAMed: 

An event was organised by Poet in the City with the title: “Sappho…fragments” (Classics Collective) . The content inspired Claire Millington to ponder about: “‘Made in translation’ (or gloomily lamenting lost languages)”(The word muses): 

A big grant has been given to study the Roman’s martime network: “Southampton University Roman port study gets £2.1m” (BBC News): ; “Archeologists get multi-million pound grant for Roman excavations” Southern Daily Echo: 

CA Conference bursary now open to applicants wishing to attend in April at Nottingham. 

“Do we still eat like the Romans?” BBC Food: 

“1,500-year-old Roman gold coin found at ancient Chinese tomb” DongA: 

“Lasers and robots explore ancient Rome’s hidden aqueducts” Daily Telegraph 

“Debate still rages over date of Thera eruption” HeritageDaily: 

The Classics Library, now a Flipboard magazine! 

More articles from the week before’s event. “East Oxford Community Classics Centre launched” UoOxford news: …; “New centre in Headington brings Classics to the community” Cherwell 

“New App: Logeion” American Philological Association blog: 

It Stoic Week at the end of this month. There is a workshop: “Stoicism for Everyday Life” 30Nov at Birkbeck College, University of London. Stoicism for Everyday Life blog: . Mary Beard heard about Stoic Week at Heffers’ Classics Festival and, while commenting on the festival, pondered about Stoic Week. “Try being a Stoic for a week?” (A Don’s Life): 

Review of this week’s episode by Juliette Harrisson. “Atlantis: The Song of the Sirens”. Pop Classics blog: 

Blogs and other occasional pieces

Our accompanying Sol Day piece is on outreach of different kinds. “Outreach is EOCCC”. Do find it alongside this article within this blog.

We blog on Classics and school open evening.”Grammar School of thought” Sol Day blog: 

Mary Beard writes about “Popular Latin?” How much do we know of Latin and Roman life amongst the masses? A Don’s Life blog: 

Caroline Lawrence participated in the balloon debate at Heffers Classics Festival and gave her case for Andromache to stay on the balloon. “Andromache’s Plea” (Roman Mysteries & Western Mysteries blog): 

Carole Reddato take us on a well guided and beautiful tour of this town in Istria. “Exploring Classical Pula – images from the other Adriatic Pearl” (Following Hadrian blog): 

We receive a tour around “Roman Britain: the best sights” (Daily Telegraph): 

Liz Gloyn looks at that front-cover. “Rihanna, Medusa, GQ and Photoshop” (Classically Inclined blog): 

“Roman Empire to the NSA: A world history of government spying” (BBC News): 

Peter Kruschwitz’s son got him to talk “Latin Greeting Rituals: ‘How are you’ vs. ‘Hope you’re well’” (Reading Latin – Latin Reading blog): 

A boy in Brisbane tells us “Why Latin is worth studying” (Brisbane Times): 


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