Sunday 10Nov2013

Tamworth and Exeter yields two exciting pieces of news in the last week. As Tamworth prepares to open a child’s coffin it has set up a poll to name the child. In Exeter, the area around the Catherdral, which is thought to contain the Roman Baths underneath, is set to be dug up. With many blog posts over the last week (especially from APA) this week sees a bumper Sunday round-up.

Sunday 10Nov2013

We would like to congratulate Charlotte Higgins for her nomination on the Samuel Johnson non-fiction shortlist.

  • “Samuel Johnson non-fiction shortlist: From the Romans to Thatcher” Guardian: 
  • “Roman history novel nomination” BBC interviews Charlotte Higgins who wrote Under Another Sky. 
  • “Charlotte Higgins on what it’s like to NOT win the Samuel Johnson prize” Guardian: 

“Plans to dig up Exeter’s Roman baths for major tourist attraction.” Although it is unlikely to be without opposition, sited as it is on the Cathedral Green. Express & Echo 

“Roman coffin believed to carry child found buried near Tamworth to be opened in two days” Tamworth Herald . But before they open it, they would like you to help give it a rather garish Roman name –  YouTube (WCCNewsDaily): ; “Name the Roman child found near Tamworth” Tamworth Herald . You can access the poll via the last link.

As we remember the fallen this week Andy Keen shows us, through Homer, that war has never been an easy subject. “Homer’s Iliad, glory and pity” Keener Classics blog: .

“Pompeii workers say wall of ancient house crumbling” ANSA English: 

The Iris Project has announced the schedule for EOCCC from January to March. 

“Atlantis: The Rules of Engagement” Review of yesterday’s episode. Includes extreme face palming, by Juliette Harrisson. Pop Classics blog: 

Sunday’s Supplements – blogs, comments and other occasional pieces

Our Sol Day opinion piece this week is “Fiddle of the Sphinx”. The piece discusses preserving heritage in places where tourism and heritage are not very high on the priority list:

“Rule Britannia!” On recent Roman discoveries in Britain. Andante Travels: 

“The Ten Best Practical Places to Explore Ancient Rome” Huffington Post Historvius blog:

“Colosseum in moonlight” Excellent photos in this unforgettable tour through one of the most iconic site of Rome under the moonlight. La Repubblica 

“Photo: Villa of papyri revived in 3D in a DVD of Mav” Some stills of great reconstruction of the Villa here. La Repubblica 

“Medea, Jason and their Marriage” by David Allsop. No, nothing to do with Atlantis. David Allsop Classics: 

“Athena in China” Llewelyn Morgan on a letter closed with a seal, the figure within which resembles Athena. The letter was found along the silk road. Lugubelinus blog:

Barry Powell has recently tranlated Homer’s Iliad in free verse. The OUP blog offers the following articles related to the book:

“The meanings of ‘logos’” as discovered by Andy Keen in an Liddell and Scott.

“23 Fun Facts About Ancient Rome” We do not accept responsibility for any Trepanning… Venere Travel Blog: 

“Only seen dead” Alan Sommerstein on death in Greek tragedy. University of Nottingham Ancient Drama blog: 

The Americal Philological Association blog has been working on overdrive…:

“Linguistics Baking Part IV: Linear A” res gerendae blog: 

“The Encounter with Antiquity, with Constanze Güthenke” An interview by the Classics Confidential blog: 

“Brush Up on the Greek Myth That Arcade Fire Is Singing About” <TIME> 

“Why H is the most contentious letter in the alphabet” Includes Catullus’ (H)arrius. The Guardian: 

“Slavery in the Roman World (Article)” New article in the Ancient History Encyclopedia: 

“Artefact – Royal Throne From Salamis” by David Allsop. David Allsop Classics blog: 

“Imperialism, Linguistic Diversity, and Common Language” by Peter Kruschwitz. Reading Latin – Latin Reading blog: 

“The Plague of Athens: Dying Like Sheep” Just how, exactly, do sheep die? Helen King explores. Wonders and Marvels blog:

European Etymology maps, showing which words within languages can trace a common ancestry:


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