Sunday 01Dec2013

Planning lessons on the Odyssey, amongst other things, have prevented a summary last week and tweeting mid-week; yet the Odyssey is so good that I still love it despite the work. Charlotte Higginsarticle merely increase my passion for Homer’s great work.

Sunday 01Dec2013

The inaugural Classics in Communities conference was a huge success. Read Emily Pillinger’s tweets from the Corpus Christi venue here, all on a Storify page: 

One session of the conference was on the North Norfolk Classics provision. Last weekend ITV had this piece: “How Latin is making something of a comeback in Norfolk schools” Anglia – ITV News: 

“Amo, amas, an app” On the iRevival of Latin in schools. Sunday Times (paywall) 

Sophie Hay, a British archaeologist based in Pompeii, spoke frankly about the state of the site. ‘Italy has no money for its heritage’ The Local: 

Nevile Gwynne and his grammar-centric pedagogy is explored in the article “Skype brings Latin to the small screen” Telegraph 

“A Pillar of Society: Trajan’s Column Celebrated by V&A” BLOUIN ARTINFO: 

“‘Rolo wrapper’ turns out to be Roman coin worth £30,000” Salisbury Journal: 

“Ancient Greeks help out with restoration of Penllergare Valley Woods” The use of an Archimedes screw. South Wales Evening Post: 

Stoic Week 2013 has just finished. Here is a selection of articles realted to Stoicism:

Sunday’s Supplements – blogs, comments and other occasional pieces

An excellent, excellent article, not only on The Odyssey, but also on Post-Traumatic Stress Diorder. “The Odyssey: a soldier’s road home” by Charlotte Higgins. The Guardian 

“A Point of View: The Trojan horse” Will Self considers the Trojan Horse as a parable of modern politics and life. BBC News: 

“Caveat Emptor: Lovers of Latin Try to Sell a Dead Tongue” A concerted group of Latinist is trying to get Latin recognised as the pan-European language, but their efforts are met with much resistance in Brussles and beyond. Wall Street Journal: 

“Why Rufus Wainwright is turning a Roman emperor into a COC opera” The Canadian singer is turning to Hadrian in his latest opus. Globe and Mail 

“The Uses and Benefits of Multilingualism” blogged by Peter Kruschwitz. Reading Latin – Latin Reading: 

“Classics & Poverty in the Furthest North” by Edith Hall. The Edithorial: 

“‘Atlantis’: BBC series combines Greek myths and bromance” On the filimg of Atlantis. The Times and Democrat 

Review: “Atlantis episode 9 review: Pandora’s Box” Den of Geek: 

Review: “Pop Classics: Atlantis: Pandora’s Box” by Juliette Harrisson. Pop Classics blog: 


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