Sunday 08Dec2013

Heritage is at stake, not only in Italy but in this country too. If last week my mind was filled with how to spread Classics to the communties, this week my newsfeed was filled with items about funding required to acquire a unique hoard of Roman coins by Bath’s Roman baths, funding required to preserve the Hadrian’s Wall brick by brick, the gain from a modern goldmine being greater than that of a disused Roman mine atop it… and so on. In the world where money in the currency, do we try to convince the authorities that cultural value is worth greater in the long term? Or do we seek to outbid them? Should the strategy be the same on our fair isle as in the land that bear the Roman name? I don’t know, but you tell us! Here are last week’s news.

Sunday 01Dec2013

“Golddiggers thwarted by Ancient Rome: Romania shelves… exploitation of a heritage mining site…” An ancient Roman gold mine with significance archaeological potential is threatened by the fact that there is even more gold underneath it. The development of this project must surely be one to watch. The Independent:

“Controversy over the use of Roman ingots to investigate dark matter and neutrinos” HeritageDaily:

“Italy’s biggest ancient Greek temple about to be submerged” It seems nature is slowly picking at the coastal protection for this large temple site. ANSA English:

A bizzarre reimagining of frescoes:

  • “Italian art exhibition modernizes Roman frescoes with naked models” New York Daily News:
  • “Ancient Roman frescoes get a modern artistic makeover” Daily Mail:

“Rufus Wainwright to compose opera about Roman emperor Hadrian” An exciting project that should come to fruition in 2018. The Guardian:

“The Coens’ Next May Be A Sword-And-Sandal Epic Set In Ancient Rome” It looks more like a rumour at the moment but who knows. Bleeding Cool:

“Colosseum restoration begins in Rome after 3-year delay” CBS News:

“Maze of ancient tunnels mapped to keep Rome from falling again” NBC News

“Vatican and Bodleian libraries launch online archive of ancient religious texts” The Guardian:

“6,500 pilgrims descend on Carlisle to see Roman helmet” On the Crosby Garrett; hopefully it could be displayed for the long term after its visit to the British Museum. in-cumbria:

On the Beau Street hoard, a truly remarkable collection of Roman coins:

  • “Roman Baths needs £10,000 to reach target to buy rare coin hoard” BBC News:
  • “Video: Beau Street hoard gets a speed clean before going on show in Bath” Bath Chronicle:

“Roman Baths will help UK welcome Chinese visitors” Bath Chronicle:

A Jupiter scupture has been donated to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology of the University of Cambridge:

“Hadrian’s Wall facing funding crisis” “The Hadrian’s Wall Trust has said two years of “severe cuts” have put the long-term survival of the world heritage site in doubt.” BBC News:

Event: “Roman Medicine Day!” 4:15pm, 16Jan, EOxfordCCC. The Iris Project:

Classics for all invites applications for funding, closing date 21 February 2014.

“Report – Classics in Communities opening conference” Our report from the excellent conference. Classics Collective:

“Plebs wins British Comedy Award for best new comedy programme” Radio Times:

“Dying Gaul on view at The National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. Beginning Dec 12!” Roman Times:

Sunday’s Supplements – blogs, comments and other occasional pieces

“9 Incredible Feats of Roman Architecture” Venere Travel Blog

“Full Pompeii Trailer Erupts” The film, inspired by Titanic, is almsot here! <Empire>

Review: “Atlantis: The Price of Hope” by Juliette Harrisson. Pop Classics blog:

“Kagan credits ancient Greeks for liberal education” Yale Daily News:

“Lost writings of Latin literature” OUPblog:

“Gods and mythological creatures in The Iliad in Ancient art” OUPblog:

“The Power of Rhetoric, with Mike Edwards” Classics Confidential:

“Out Loud: The Roots of Our Tragedies” An excellenrt interview with Daniel Mendelsohn, in which he explores his (an no dount some of us Classicists’) way of seeing the world through Classical reference. The New Yorker:

“Rome accused of fiddling as Pompeii crumbles” A re-run of old news I think. Reuters:

“Extra Early Post Because I am Annoyed” On traditional, rote-learning pedagogy, by Edith Hall. The Edithorial:

“My failure at Stoic Week” by Liz Gloyn. Classically Inclined:

“Enoch Powell and the chatty barber” by Mary Beard. A Don’s Life:

“El útil latín” Carl Vossen y la defensa de nuestros orígenes lingüísticos. (“Useful Latin” Carl Vossen and the defence of the origin of our language.) Explores the linguistic links between European languages. Article in Spanish. La Nueva España:

“10 Latin Phrases People Pretend to Understand” A good article for students! <Mental Floss>

Attend: “Julius Caesar” from 20Jun2014. £ Shakespeare’s Globe:

Attend: “Coriolanus” by Shakespeare, Hiddleston, Hjort Sørensen and Gatiss. 06Dec-08Feb, Donmar Warehouse. £

Photos: “The Acropolis of Athens” <National Geographic España>:


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