Sunday 22Dec2013

Let us wish you a Merry Christmas in this addition of “Sunday”. Chester is getting into the mood of Christmas and the Riace statues are back home for the festivities. A rather bumper edition of the round-up this week.

Sunday 22Dec2013

The Riace bronzes are home after a restoration turned into protracted exile from their site of display. The statues are unique for being surviving bronze statues and they were recovered from the sea:

  • “Italy’s ‘abandoned’ Riace Bronzes back on show in Calabria” BBC News: 
  • “World-famous Riace bronzes return to public eye” Gazzetta del Sud in English:
  • “Riace Bronzes back home in Reggio Calabria Museum” ANSAMed:
  • “I Bronzi de Riace tornano a Reggio Calabria, Bray: ‘Grandissima emozione'” La Repubblica TV:
  • “I bronzi di Riace tornano «a casa»” Great photos. Corriere della Sera

“Virtual archaeologist turns clock back to uncover secrets of ancient Rome” A new explanation for the alignment of the Ara Pacis and the Obselisk of Montecitorio. HeritageDaily: 

Chester parades for Christmas:

  • “Traditional Roman Saturnalia parade through the Chester streets” Chester Chronicle 
  • “Romans return to Chester for feast of Saturnalia” Chester First 

“Rare Roman brooch found in Shaldon” <Torquay Herald Express> 

Carlilse cinema’s hidden remains:

  • “Roman remains may lie beneath Carlisle’s former Lonsdale Cinema” BBC News: 
  • “Roman remains may lie beneath Carlisle’s Lonsdale cinema” Times & Star 

“Fifth-century church in Roman Forum to reopen to public” Wanted in Rome: 

“Turkish authorities seize gold statue of Hermes” Archaeological News Network: 

“This Roman epic is a Lego blockbuster” More lego buildings coming our way! This time, the Colosseum. Western Advocate 

“Show honors monsters that inspired Hollywood” Exhibition in Rome. The Daily Star Lebanon: 

“China’s Terracotta Army was inspired by ancient GREEK art, claims expert” The Daily Mail is becoming like the Ripleys… Daily Mail: 

Sunday’s Supplements – blogs, comments and other occasional pieces

Review: “Atlantis: Hunger Pangs” Pop Classics: 

“How did the Romans celebrate ‘Christmas’?” Io Saturnalia! History Extra: 

“In and around Bristol Roman Empire exhibition” The exhibition is really good and we would recommend a visit. Venue 

“Should ‘Troy’ Have Been A Musical? Finding Melodies In The Classics” With Armand D’Angour. NPR: 

“Teaching “The Odyssey” at San Quentin” Understanding The Odyssey in a jail. Salon: 

“Two Reviews – Ancient Greek History and Ancient Greek Religion MOOCs” MOOC News and Review: 

Book Review: “In defence of Herodotus” The Spectator 

Book Review: “The Gods of Olympus: A History, by Barbara Graziosi” Times Higher Education 

Book Review: “The Latin guide to winning friends and influencing people” Haaretz 

“Gladiator School: Where You Can Fight Like an Ancient Roman” Slate: 

“Tragedy and politics, new and old” by Laura Swift. APA: 

“Felix dies natalis Lucius Verus!” FOLLOWING HADRIAN blog: 

Further Reading

“Canadian Classical Bulletin” Issue 20.04. 

New edition of Journal EuGeStA, Journal on gender studies in Antiquity. 


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