Sunday 05Jan2014

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a festive season. It seems we here in the UK and those in the US, particularly attendees to the joint annual meeting of APA and AIA at Chicago, suffered greatly from inclement weather. Description of a Polar Vortex is enough to send a chill down anyone’s spine. Whether you need some diversion from the weather or are just interested in the going-ons in the Classical world, here is the round up of last week’s news in Classics.


We happen to be marching past and found this poster.

Sunday 29Dec2013

It’s 2000 years since Augustus’ death… well not quite, as he did die in August. Expect much celebrations and events this year – Mary Beard has been to Rome to look at the flagship Augustus exhibition:

Rome Report also reported from the exhibition:

Michael Gove claims that students lack chronology, though with so much overlapping chronology between Greece and Rome I wonder if chronology would be a good guide there:

  • “Ancient history is all Greek to children today, claims Michael Gove” The Daily Telegraph: 

Latin is all going on in Anglia!:

Giraffe meat for dinner, anyone? On the diet of the poor (or “chavs” for Mail readers) in Pompeii:

The sea routes were used extensively by the Romans from the Pilars of Hercules past our channel to the North Sea, according to findings:

  • “Los arqueólogos confirman un importante comercio atlántico en época romana” La Vanguardia 
  • “Archaeologists confirm existence of an important Atlantic trade in the Roman era” A translation of the article of the above link. ClassColl via La Vanguardia: 

“Centuries old tombs to remain under road” Hurriyet Daily News: 

“Roman aqueduct volunteers tap into history beneath their feet” Los Angeles Times 

“Roman sarcophagi unearthed at construction site” Anadolu Agency: 

“Ancient Greek Technology Exhibit in Chania” Greek Reporter: 

“Archaeological Finds in Private Plot in Athens to Become Accessible to Public” Greek Reporter: 

A crowdfunding campaign for preserving heritage has begun at Paestum.

  •  “Crowdfunding campaign for Italian heritage site” On Paestumanita. France 24 
  • “Une campagne en ligne pour sauver le patrimoine italien” On Paestumanita. France24 

“Year in digs: How 2013 looked in archaeology” BBC News: 

“A Roman Village at the Edge of Empire: Ingleby Barwick’s rich heritage revealed in new report” Gazette Live: 

“Syrian refugees stage Euripides’ ‘The Trojan Women’” Financial Times 

“UC Research Uncovers How Ancient Artists Used Palace Floor as a Creative Canvas” University of Cicinnati: 

“Tomb of chief beer-maker discovered in Egypt’s Luxor” Al-Ahram: 

Sunday’s Supplements – blogs, comments and other occasional pieces

Happy New Year! A few things related to the beginning of the year:

“Roman Architecture” Online course with Diana Kleiner, from 16Jan. Coursera 

“A Podcasting Approach to Greek and Latin Orality” Dickinson College Commentaries: 

“Aelius – Forgotten Prince” by Gareth Harney. ROMA INVICTA blog: 

“Polo on Alexander on Polo” by Llewelyn_Morgan. On balls, and the Great. Lugubelinus blog: 

“The Vomitorium Myth” On egresses. Alberti’s Window: 

“Paint It Black? Understanding Black Figure Pottery” Ancient History Encyclopedia: 

“The Hobbit in Latin: A Must Have Gift!” Latin Language Blog: 

“Some notes on the bindings of ancient codices” Roger Pearse blog: 

“Necropolis” On Roman burial sites. Lapham’s Quarterly:

“Book review: The Song of Achilles” blogged by Liz Gloyn. Classically Inclined blog: 

“What’s in a Word? ‘Anesthesia’ From Ancient Greece to 1846, and Beyond” Pain Medicine News:

“Eighth Anniversary for Bread & Circuses” Happy anniversary! Bread & Circuses blog: 

“Plato’s Symposium” on In Our Time, with Angie Hobbs, Richard Hunter & Frisbee Sheffield. BBC iPlayer: 

“23 Classical figures who are still alive” What those characters would be like in the modern world, by Andy Keen. Keener Classics blog: 

“Grave Goods – Tom Holland.” A desert island-style interview with Tom Holland by Henry Rothwell. Digital Digging: 


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