Sunday 02Feb2014

The discovery of Sappho’s papyrus dominated the Classics newsphere and spread onto mainstream media this week – you will find many articles on the news below. In amongst all that there are much news on artefacts and museums.

We hope the weather has been good to you. Below you can see (courtesy of the Americal Institute of Roman Culture) how high the river level is at Rome.

Sunday 02Feb2014

The Institute of Classical Archaeology at Leipzig seems to be under threat:

  • Leipzig: Institut für Klassische Archäologie fällt Sparzwang zum Opfer Archäologie Online: 

The Crosby Garrett, after brining much benefit to Carlise, is now sitting next to the Ribchester Helmet at the British Museum:

  • “Roman war games: helmets from Crosby Garrett and Ribchester” on show in BM until 27Apr. British Mus.: 
  • “Interest in Crosby Garrett Roman helmet gives Carlisle economic boost” Cumberland News 

As a gigantic head goes on show at Chichester’s multi-million pounds museum:

  • “Welcome to Britain: Largest Roman sculpture to show its face at Chichester Novium” Culture24: 

In another museum, the Roman Empire: Power and People exhibition is oversubscribe on its first weekend:

  • “Video: Queues outside Norwich Castle Museum for first weekend of Roman Empire exhibition” Norwich Evening

Hadrian’s Wall gets a new visitor building that combines an information centre with a youth hostel:

  • “Hadrian’s Wall £11.2m visitor centre final design unveiled” BBC News: 

New exhibition opens at Chicago:

Not under a car park:

In the name of development? Or a deliberately divisive move?

  • “Historic Roman terraces face threat from the building of Israel’s separation barrier” The Daily Telegraph: 

A piece on a remarkable underwater discovery off the Gaza strip, or is it?:

  • “Hamas’s Ancient Bronze Statue, the Apollo of Gaza” Businessweek: 
  • “Vernon Silver on the “Apollo of Gaza””Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues:

Bad weather might be destructive. In this case, it took away the surface and revealed a graffito underneath in Pompeii (articles in Italian):

  • “Pompei, a rischio iscrizione elettorale” ANSA: 
  • “Pompei, il maltempo non fa solo danni: spunta slogan elettorale del 79 d. C.” Il Mattino:

Trailer – “Pompeii Super Bowl TV Spot” Den of Geek: 

Fundraiaing: “The Oracles of Troy by Glyn Iliffe” Help to get a book published. Kickstarter:


Sunday’s Supplements – blogs, comments and other occasional pieces

You can read today’s Sol Day piece by us, “It’s a Small World”, on JACT and meeting the needs of Classics teachers, here.

“Sarah Bond: Do You Think That’s A Bad Sign? : Birds and Omens in the Roman Empire” Dorothy King’s PhDiva: 

“Archaeologists Unearth What May Be Oldest Roman Temple” NPR: 

“The secret history of the Parthenon” New York Post: 

“Heroic hairstyles, or, did Hector have a mullet?” by Laura Swift. APA: 

“Turning toward the public” on Classics and the history of outreach, by Joy Connolly. APA: 

“What Lies Behind Pythagoras’ Theorem” by Neel Burton. Psychology Today: 

“The Roman Hunt” by Daisy Dunn. History Today: 

“‘Twitter Ye Not’” by the Classics Department at Norton Knatchbull school. The Classics Library:

“The Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice: Its Reception” The Classics Library: 

“Latin Verse Composition in English Schools, 1500-1900” The Classics Library: 

“Plato in Polish philosophy and literature (1800-1950)” The Classics Library: 

“Finding the ancient and its meaning in a modern North American city” The Classics Library: 

“How important was Horncastle to the Roman empire?” Horncastle News:

“Is any word untranslatable?” The Guardian: 

“Hackney, Sappho, and Bravery” by Edith Hall. The Edithorial: 

“My Best Teacher by Mary Beard, Classicist” by Mary Beard. Times Education Supplement: 

Y en español:

“El secreto de la peste que tumbó al Imperio Romano” Materia: 

“Coriolano, de héroe de guerra a traidor a la patria” National Geographic España: 

“Decían griego, pero pensaban nazi” EL PAÍS: 


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