Sunday 09Feb2014

Gove, Sappho, tweeting Pope. So much in this weekend’s edition of “Sunday”.


Sunday 09Feb2014

The news that is probably going to affect us, who are already Latinists, most:

  • “Forthcoming in Fall 2014: The Digital Loeb Classical Library®” Harvard University Press: 

The news that is probably going to affect those who will be Latinists, and all who will be the future of the nation:

  • “Gove: Professional Development for non-specialist teachers of Classics” Classics Collective: 
  • “Helping Latin in State Schools” Classics at Oxford: 
  • “Gove: Classics lessons to help state pupils compete for university places” The Daily Telegraph: 

And some observations on the Gove plan, not least by Chris Pelling, the man to head the project:

And Latin is going well in Oregan in the US:

And Latin is going well in the Muslim world:

The Sappho now revealed, queestions start coming:

Nor is the provenance of the Apollo of Gaza certain…:

  • “Vernon Silver on the “Apollo of Gaza”” Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues: 
  • “Sam Hardy on Variant Stories About Discovering the Apollo of Gaza” Portable Antiquity… Issues: 

An underwater church?:

  • “Greek Mystery of a “Lost Church” in Ancient Greek city Nicaea” Greek Reporter Europe: 

Reservation effort on the Side:

Recurring vandalism activity at a Gallo-Roman site at Treignes, Belgium:

“Archaeological findings in industrial zone to be removed to make way for warehouse” in İzmir. <Hurriyet>: 

“George Clooney says Britain should return ancient monuments to Greece” <ekathimerini>: 

Pope tweets:

  • “Latin’s the perfect language for a tweet, or even an emailum” The Daily Telegraph: 
  • “Pope’s Latin tweets are a roaring success” The Local: 
  • “Pope’s Latin tweets attract more followers than Arabic tweets” Al Arabiya News: 
  • “There’s new life for a dead language as Papa Franciscus tweets ad infinitum” The Times (paywall): 
  • Read: “Pope’s Latin Twitter feed is pumping new life into a dead language” The Australian: 
  • “Le succès inattendu du Pape en latin sur Twitter” Le Figaro: 
  • “Daniel Gallagher: «Traducir mensajes del Papa al latín es más fácil que del argentino al español»” ABC: 

A special mosaic goes on show at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire:

  • “Picture Gallery: Spectacular Roman mosaic found in Israel shows ancient animal paradise” Culture24: 

Summary from the conference which heard academics share ideas and practices of using digital means to aid ancient language teaching at universities:

Listen back to a great introduction to the Phoenicians:

In an anniversary year, can you help with an Augustus survey?:

  • “Fancy taking part in some Augustus-related research?” Commemorating Augustus: 

Also in the news:

Mary Beard is the interviewee in The Times´main Saturday interview, but this spawned subsequent coverage that focused on only one small part of the interview, unfortunately:

  • “Saturday interview: Mary Beard” The Times (paywall): 
  • “Me and Kate: the record straight” The storm in the vessel… A Don’s Life: 
  • And many other national press articles on Beard’s comment on the Duchess of Cambridge.

Sunday’s Supplements – blogs, comments and other occasional pieces

A really interesting features article on mnemonics:

The ways of myth, mythology:

Joan Breton Connelly, author of “The Parthenon Enigma,” discusses the book:

A Roman comparison of, or innovation on, Sappho’s poem:

Have you been to all these amphitheatres?:

“The Villa Borg – images of a reconstructed Roman Villa in Saarland (Germany)” by Carole Raddato. FOLLOWING HADRIAN 

Recommended article:

“British Museum – Greek and Roman Sculptures” A video. Vimeo: 

“Scenes of Ovid’s love stories in art” OUPblog: 

“Eros, sophrosyne, myth and the Hippolytus” Classics in Sarasota blog: 

“Why does Q almost always go with a U?” Good QUestion… The Week 

“Giving the gift of ancient tongues” by Prof Christopher Pelling. The Sunday Times: 

“The Classics Czar, Michael Gove, and Civilization” by Edith Hall. The Edithorial: 

“Argonauts and hobbits” by Helen Lovatt. Argonauts and Emperors blog: 

And in Spanish…

“Teatro greco y romano en la red” El Faro de Vigo: 

“La muerte de un hombre justo (IV)” por Aristides Minguez. Papel del Periódico 

“El abastecimiento al ejército romano durante el Imperio (I)” Tempora: 

“Daniel Gallagher: «Traducir mensajes del Papa al latín es más fácil que del argentino al español»” ABC: 


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