Sunday 16Feb2014

George Clooney advocated the return of Elgin Marbles in a rather off-the-cuff remark in response to a journalist. If only he has his morning Nespresso, as it now dominates over the promotion on his new film, Monuments Men.

Sunday 16Feb2014

An amazing discover of a school from the Roman era was made in Egypt, which surely must highlight the importance of proper preservation in Egypt:

A very important petition highlighting the importance of Classical Civilisation as a subject was written last week. It has been sent to The Sunday Times and it remains to be seen if it will be published next Sunday:

Some excellent poetry here, well worth a read:

The case of the Apollo statue, allegedly found in the sea of Gaza, goes on. At least it didn’t go beyond eBay…:

George Clooney’s comment at Berlin Festival supporting the return of the Elgin Marbles has caused ripples. If you do read the articles (and the poll) below, we recommend having a look at the comments:

  • “Bill Murray backs George Clooney over Elgin Marbles” BBC News: 
  • “George Clooney needs to look to his own marbles, says Boris Johnson” London Evening Standard: 
  • Poll: “Is George Clooney correct? Should Britain return the Elgin marbles?” The Guardian: 
  • “Tiffany Jenkins: Parthenon marbles should stay” The Scotsman: 

If it is to be built, HS2 could lead to the unearthing of much antiquities, from the Roman era or otherwise:

  • “HS2 – what to expect: The biggest dig for ancient treasures and prehistoric beasts in UK history” Bucks Herald 

Insciption found in modern Iran:

New findings reveal differing messages from the nudes of the two sexes in Roman mosaics:

  • “Research analyzes the cultural construction of nudes in Roman mosaics.” HeritageDaily: 

As new history is created in war, history is lost by the cowardly extremists:

  • “The destruction of the idols: Syria’s patrimony at risk from extremists” The Independent: 

But there is good news for preservation in Varna:

  • “Bulgaria’s Roman Baths to Be Restored – Varna Mayor Pledges” Novinite: 

A new exhibition at the Isle of Wight:

A Simon Armitage play “The Last Days of Troy” is going on stage at Manchester from May:

Mary Beard delivers an important lecture on “The Public Voice of Women” with reference to antiquity from Penelope onwards. The lecture will be made available soon:



How not to release a ground-breaking and genuine piece of new:

It was Valentine’s Day (and I hope you did remember, if you needed to):


Sunday’s Supplements – blogs, comments and other occasional pieces


“Saving the Villa of the Mysteries” On conservation. Can we excavate more of Pompeii? Archaeology: 

“Winter Olympic oddities are the real heroes at Sochi” by @LASwiftClassics. #Sochi Conversation: 

“Ancient Rome’s fraudulent foreign students” by Peter Jones. The Spectator: 

“What Emperor Augustus left us” by Roderick Conway Morris. The Spectator: 

Review by Andrew Worley of “”Travels in Elysium” by William Azuski” Origins: 

“Do you see what I see?” on The Body Sphere. Ancient perception of colours with Mark Bradley. ABC: 

“Virgil on Twitter” by Andy Keen (with apologies to Virgil, Book IV). Keener Classics: 

“New Sappho: not for Valentine’s Day!” Argonauts and Emperors blog: 

“The Romans, Just Wars and Exceptionalism” by Shadi Bartsch. HuffPost – The Blog: 

“The Latest Scheme for the Parthenon” by Mary Beard. The New York Review of Books (paywall): 

“Review: Clouds” The Tab London: 

“Romans in Clackmannanshire, Part II”  by Adrian Murdoch. Bread and Circus blog: 

“Succession and the Aurei of Mark Antony, 13/02/14” Coins at Warwick: 

“Janet Glassbrook: The Mysterious Miss G and the Case of the Roman Brothel” TrowelBlazers: 

“Language-Focused Summer Programs in Italy and Greece” American Philological Association: 

For your diary…

Finds from Crossrail excavations now on display:


And in Spanish/Y en español:

“La larga noche de verano de los etruscos” El País SemanalEL PAÍS: 

“La USC suma a Euclides y Platón a su colección de clásicos del pensamiento” La Vox de Galicia: 

“El Templo Romano abre de nuevo y amplía el horario de visitas” El Dia de Córdoba: 

“La excavación en la villa romana de la Sagrera se prolongará hasta mayo” La Vanguardia: 

“La muerte de un hombre justo (V)” por Aristides Minguez. Papel de Periodico: 

“El abastecimiento al ejército romano durante el Imperio (I)” Tempora: 

“Los gálatas (II): ¿tribu o Estado?” Tempora: 

“El secreto de sus ojos” Sobre referentes clásicos de canción del rapero Shé. Secretos de Argos: 


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