Sunday 23Feb2014

We are children of the revolution!

We begin this review with a video organised by Arístides Mínguez and the SEEEC (the Spanish counterpart of the Classical Association) citing, rather humorously, the benefits of Latin. The first item in the news is the fact that our letter, which calls for recognition of Classical Civilisation by EBacc, has been published by the Sunday Times. Our report on the letter was commented by Ken Pickering, the instigator of the letter, which is well worth a read. Ken also deserves plaudits for his effort.

This is one bumper edition of Sunday, our (now slightly late) bulletin of last week’s news in Classics.

— Classics Collective (@ClassColl) febrero 21, 2014

Sunday 16Feb2014

The Sunday Times has published the letters by a a range of Classicists all passionate for Classical Civilisation as a GCSE subject:

The Gaza saga goes on:

A new site has been found in Veneto:

A major restoration process is to begin:

An amateur treasure hunter, armed with a metal detector, has found a hoard in a manner that was illegal under German law. The hoard appear to be significant, even Wagnerian according to The Independent:

  • “Amateur treasure hunter finds Roman gold hoard” The Local: 
  • “Amateur discovers Roman-era German treasure linked to Wagnerian Nibelung legend” The Independent: 

Following last week’s Roman emperor tube map, this week it’s the turn of the Underworld:

  • “London Underground tube map re-imagined as the Ancient Greek underworld” The Independent: 

I do hope the answer is no, even if it might be the easier option for an optimal environment:

Perseus texts might be on the change:

The Viking exhibition is coming:

Sunday’s Supplements – blogs, comments and other occasional pieces

On Univeristy of Nottingham’s departmental blog, a review of the Aristophanes plays in London recently:

  • “Aristophanes in London” reviewed by Oliver Thomas. Argonauts and Emperors: 

On Reading University’s blog, Peter Kruschwitz writes pieces that are always worth reading:

Do we need a more nuanced view of the antiquities across the world?:

It has to be a male-slave hero for a Hollywood film, doesn it?:

Edith Hall on rhetoric, and how she was advised that rhetoric preferably not of the left kind:

“The Greek periplus: from a naviagtional instrument to a narrative technique.” (Article in Spanish):

“Ulysses: the myth and the beauty” with José Emilio Burucúa. In Spanish:

An excellent interview (in Spanish) on words relating to Rome or Romance:

  • “Palabras: Roma, romance, románico” Para todos La 2. A la Carta: 

Yo, Claudius! The indluence of I, Claudius. Article in Spanish:

“The Palatine Hill and Propaganda: the House of Augustus” American Insititue for Roman Culture: 

“A Short History of Byzantium” by Liz James. History Today: 

“The Persecution of Christians in Eusebius” Graeco Muse: 

“Silver Men” of the age of Silver Latin. Translation Scrapbook: 

“New lamps for old…” On making Roman lamp. minimus_latin: 

“Court on a beach? (Edit with answer!)” by Andy Keen. Keener Classics: 

“Roman ice-cream” Andy Keen: 

“Early Roman Oral Traditions” by David Allsop. David Allsop Classics blog: 

“Cupid and Psyche” by David Allsop. David Allsop Classics: 

“Heracles and the Lernian Hydra” by David Allsop. David Allsop Classics: 

“Hesiod and Plato on Prometheus” by Neel Burton. Outre monde: 

“Panorama or zoom? Two methods of teaching Myth” APA: 

“Housesteads Roman Fort” Cressida Ryan. Weekend Notes: 

“Athens 237-9; Alcibiades 48no” and crucket, by Neville Morley. Sphinx: 

“The First Computers, Lasers, Robots, And More: Ancient Innovations From Our Distant Ancestors” Fast Company: 

For your diary…

“Charlotte Higgins” 8-9pm, 02Mar, Bath. £ Bath Literature Festival: 

“Charlotte Higgins and Peter Stothard” 4:30-5:30pm, 02Mar, Bath. £  Bath Literature Festival: 

“Natalie Haynes” 4:30-5:30pm, 09Mar, Bath. £  Bath Literature Festival: 

“Join our Trojan Army” for theatrical performance in Manchester. Royal Exchange Theatre: 

And in Spanish/Y en español:

Ve: “Palabras: Roma, romance, románico” Para todos La 2. A la Carta: 

Ve/See: “ROMAMOR” ¡No lo perda! ¿Por qué latín? A must-watch! Why Latin? Video in Spanish. YT (Arístides Mínguez): 

Lee: “‘Yo, Claudio’, el triunfo de la inteligencia” Blogs EL PAÍS: 

Lee: “Los periplos Griegos: De instrumento de navegación a narración de ficción.” Tempora: 

Lee: “Ulises: el mito y la belleza” con José Emilio Burucúa. Ñ 

Lee: “León ha sacado a la luz 300.000 restos romanos en 200 excavaciones en 17 años” El Diario de León: 

Escucha: “Preguntas a la historia – Agentes secretos en el Estado romano” A la Carta: 

Lee: “Nos quitan el foro” La plaza = el foro? Via Domingo Vallejo. La Marea: 

Lee: “Tenemos el verdadero ‘garum’ de Pompeya” Una entrevista. El Diario de Cordoba: 

Lee: “Melampo, el Mercader: El Parto” por Aristide Minguez. @pdperiodico: 

Lee: “‘Yo, Claudio’, el triunfo de la inteligencia” Blogs EL PAÍS: 

Lee: “De cuando Canarias pudo recibir a los romanos” El Diario de Las Palmas: 

Ve: “La Viagra de los antiguos romanos.” La Verdad: 


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