Sunday 23Mar2014

Pompeii seems to be crumbling… and for all the promises by the different ministers of different regimes, what needs to be lacking, the news of damage and theft, is sadly not lacking. Here is the round-up of last week’s news in Classics.

Sunday 23Mar2014

A fresco is stolen from Pompeii.

And therefore…

Meanwhile, the war in Syria has faded out of the news, but it still causes damage:

“Britain’s earliest known Roman irrigation unearthed in Cambridge” Cambridge News:

“2,000-year-old Roman sculpture unearthed in Lincoln garden” Lincolnshire Echo:

“The latest on the Lion Tomb at Amphipolis” by . Dorothy King’s PhDiva:

The Gaza Apollo is still missing:

  • “Gaza Apollo will not go to Louvre” and whereabouts unknown. Art Newspaper:

“Ancient Greek Trireme Used for the Movie “300”” Greek Reporter:

Read: “The Cambridge don who taught Mary Beard ‘what it is to learn'” <Cambridge News>:

The Joint Library has new lockers!:

  • “New Lockers!” Joint Library of the Hellenic & Roman Societies / Institute of Classical Studies Library:

Sunday’s Supplements – blogs, comments and other occasional pieces

“I, Augustus, Emperor of Rome…, at the Grand Palais in Paris, review: ‘dazzling and charismatic'” <Telegraph>

“Problems with the Crimea — ancient style” by . A Don’s Life:

“Disappearing into thin air” by . Romans remembering disappearance. Reading Latin – Latin Reading:

“Studying the Book of the Dead at Reading” by Nick West. Classics at Reading:

“Popular Culture and the Democratisation of Classics, with Tony Keen” Classics Confidential:

“Ovid the naturalist” by Jane Alison. OUPblog:

“Ancient Rome in So Many Words: Crepundia” by Chris Francese :

“Libya’s Ancient Borders” by Josephine Quinn. LRB blog:

“What’s in a fragment?” by . David Allsop Classics:

“Nestor and Indo-European Twin Myths, with Douglas Frame” Hour 25, Harvard:




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