Sunday 06Apr2014

It’s been a while! It has been so busy in the last week of term that I haven’t really tweeted much. Now that Easter holiday (i.e. flexitime working) has arrived this is the round-up of whatever Classics news we have found, last week.


Sunday 06Apr2014

“Hadrian’s balls-up: University of York red-faced after it uses the wrong Roman emperor in new logo” The Independent:

“Saudi royal family could pay for restoration of Roman monuments” The Daily Telegraph:

“What happened next? As Roman exhibition comes to an end… Norfolk’s role in the fall of the Empire” Eastern Daily Press:

“A Memorial Inscription’s Grim Origins” Virgil on Ground Zero. The New York Times:


Sunday’s Supplements – blogs, comments and other occasional pieces

“Song of the Sirens” by . Armand D’Angour website:

“The Tao of Thucydides” by . Sphinx blog:

“Artefact – Model sailing ship with crew” by . David Allsop Classics:

“Teaching at Royal Holloway – a reflection” by . Classically Inclined:

“Learning to Love…Ovid!” by Elaine Sanderson. A Day in the Life of a Classics Undergraduate:


And in Spanish/Y en español:

Lee: “El mal uso del latín: por favor, no pisen al muerto” ZoomNews:

Lee/Ve: “Las luchas de gladiadores vuelven al Anfiteatro Romano de Mérida” Europa Press:

Lee: “Hipno y Tánato” :


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