Sunday 01Jun2014

It has been a while! It has been busy, but we hope to bring regularity back to our weekly updates. Here is a round-up of last week’s news in Classics.

In our Sol Day weekly comments post this week, we consider the relation between ancient and modern languages in schools’ curriculum: Ancient Languages and MFL: FML or FTW?

Sunday 01Jun2014 “Ambitious project bids to bring Latin back into the classroom” in Glasgow. <Herald Scotland>: “Maryport Roman settlement: Dig unearths ‘lost harbour'” BBC News: “Most Popular Professions in Ancient Greece” Greek Reporter: Project launch to ameliorate the situation of life after PhD:

    • “Initiative to Assist Ph.D.’s without Permanent Academic Positions” American Philological Association:


  •  The Hortensii project – Tackling the problems facing PhDs without permanent jobs Hortensii:



“Oise: découverte d’un sanctuaire romain exceptionnel” BFMTV: Imitation may not be the sincerest form of flattery…:

    • “China to demolish full-size Sphinx of Giza replica following complaints from Egypt” The Daily Mail:


Sunday’s Supplements – blogs, comments and other occasional pieces

“Why Museums Hate Ancient Coins” CoinWeek:

“Defending the liberal arts at graduation time” by Joy Connolly. American Philological Association:

“Pompeii faces doom (again): Can… EU bail-out save the ancient city from neglect, rain and Mafia?” The Independent:

“Who, What, Why: What language would Jesus have spoken?” BBC News:

“How the Ancient Greeks did wealth taxes” by Peter Jones. The Spectator:

“Top 5 representations of ancient Athens in film and TV” by . Pop Classics:

“Pythagoras: A Mysterious Personality, Religion and the Infamous Theorem” Greek Reporter:

“Mythological Motifs: Tests Set for Men to Win Brides” :

“Photoset: The Temple of Apollo Epikourios at Bassae (Greece)” by . FOLLOWING HADRIAN:

“Bringing the Classics to life for our students, with Philip Walsh” :

“Laughter in Ancient Rome by Mary Beard, book review” Reviewed by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. The Independent:

“The rise and fall of the Macedonian Empire in pictures” by Ian Worthington. OUPblog:

“The Roman conquest of Greece, in pictures” by Robin Waterfield. OUPblog:

“Lily Allen’s Imperial Ambitions” by . Classically Inclined:


And in Spanish/Y en español:

“Del Foro al Museo. En el bimilenario de la muerte de Augusto” Blog de la Cultura y el Deporte de Andalucía:

“Descubrir la Tarragona romana” La Vanguardia:

“Curiosidades de los nombres romanos.” Ciencia historica:

“El teatro latino” :



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