Sunday 06Oct

A washed-up story line and bad mythology abound on Twitter to greet the arrival of Atlantis. The opinion on Classics Collective’s Twitter feed is generally negative. Let us have a look at the reviews and other news of the week.

06 October 2013

You can find reviews of BBC 1’s Atlantis on the Den of Geek (http://ow.ly/pjOyw ), Pop Classics (ow.ly/pjPS7 ) or Classics Closet (ow.ly/ppTFw ). Bettany Hughes has also written a piece on what she considers the real Atlantis (http://ow.ly/pjQun ). In other words, one that doesn’t have one hero doing the deeds of every single Greek hero past, present and future… I must admit that I haven’t seen it yet, so I shall reserve judgement.

A major exhibition on Sicily has opened at Cleveland Museum of Art (NewsNet5: ow.ly/pjRv9 ). Uncertainties of whether Sicily would relent from demanding the artefacts were eventually allayed, but some of the exhibits might have uncertain origins. The Sun News considers the debate over authenticity of artefactsow.ly/pjRFJ . The official site for the exhibition can be found here: http://ow.ly/pjRU9 .

Apparently, the sound of Proto-Indo-European (PIE) language has been recreated. You can listen to this attempt, involving a story of sheep and horses, on Huffington Post: ow.ly/pjR47 .

As the fire is lit for the Sochi Olympics, the site of Nemea is threatened by cuts: (ekathimeriniow.ly/pjSy9 .

Tom Holland writes about his love for, and the importance of Herodotus as the first non-fiction. Guardian http://ow.ly/pwl4f 

Why You Might Want to Read the Odyssey. Stephen Mitchell writes succinctly in a great article. Huffington Post: http://ow.ly/px1Ki 

What can we learn from Roman graffiti?” Harry Mount asks and answers. <Daily Telegraph> http://ow.ly/powML 

Another construction site yields Roman finds in Central London as Crossrail tunnellers find Roman skulls: (Construction Index) ow.ly/ppROb , (BBC) ow.ly/ppRQs .

The team at Classics Confidential has released another video. Tim Whitmarsh interviews Bettany Hughes on “Socrates on Trial“: ow.ly/pnbFF 

Barbara Graziozi reviews Geogre Nagy’s Mooc-linked 24-hour Odyssey. Times Higher Education http://ow.ly/ptpt0 

Museum closed by shutdown disappoints Greek delegation in D.C. for art exhibition debut. <Washington Times> http://ow.ly/pufq3